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Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 428 – East Tawas, MI to Bay Harbor Marina, Bay City, MI - September 6, 2012

As we pulled into the slip at Bay Harbor Marina this afternoon, we now feel that we are officially done with our Loop adventure.  We may have crossed our wake in St. Ignace, MI, but we didn’t really feel “done” until we arrived back in Bay City.

We left from East Tawas this morning after doing our usual morning weather check.  The winds were predicted to be light with almost no chance of any rain.  There was a very light chop and a little wind when we first departed, but both the wind and the waves quickly disappeared.  For the majority of the trip it was sunny and warm. 

Just to keep everything up to date, the final statistics for the trip were – 5820.4 nautical miles in 428 days using 3271gallons of diesel fuel.  Passing through (or under) 661 bridges and traversing 115 locks (including two lift locks and one marine railway).  Our travel has taken us through sixteen states and one Canadian Providence.  This has been a fantastic journey – not just the amazing places we have seen but also the amazing people we have met and had the honor of traveling with.

It is difficult to believe that when we get up tomorrow we will not be thinking about our next destination or what the weather has in store for us.  Although we are excited about being back in Midland and seeing friends and family and having a chance to get started on Fred’s “things to do in retirement list”, we are also sad that this adventure has come to an end.  The most important thing we agreed on as we were traveling today was that we will start another adventure this spring – Boreas will get launched, we will load on all the necessary supplies and we will pull away from the dock headed toward ________ (this blank will be filled in during the coming months as we dream about and plan our next adventure on Boreas).

            Miles: 38.0      Bridges: 0        Locks: 0

Gravelly Shoal Lighthouse near the mouth
of Saginaw Bay

the Bay City Yacht Club - our home yacht club

abandon lighthouse on the Saginaw River between our yacht club
and the marina where we store Boreas

Bay Harbor Marina in Bay City, MI where we started (and ended)
this amazing adventure
the picture on the left was taken about eighty miles north of Saginaw Bay,
the one on the right, just before entering the Saginaw River -
it is not difficult to see why we will quickly work our way out of the Bay next spring

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